P4 Process Book (Personal data dashboard)

Data collection

My weather/mood/productivity journal for the month of March.

Visualization sketches Part I: Physicalizing!

The physicalization Nick, Carolyn, and I created.

Visualization Sketches Part 2: Putting Pen to Paper

Left: visualizing a day; Center: visualizing a week; Right: visualizing a month.

Taking pen sketches a step further

The Dear Data postcard I sent to my partner, Tai.
Left: exploring the concept of “panels” that depict weather, productivity, and mood; Right: playing with the idea of “mood curves” that can go inside circles to depict both productivity and mood in a simplified way.
My third iteration of a full month view.

Digital Iterations

My first digital iteration.
My second digital iteration, with outlier days and my editorial assertion worked in.
Just a sampling of some of the various waves and curves I tested out!
Left: the claustrophobic feeling induced by the purple wave being right above the “1”; Right: the overlap I wound up going with to avoid any squeezed feeling.

Final Dashboard

My final dashboard!



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