Project 2 — WT Summer Camp Rocks!

My final poster and mobile iterations for P2. Read on to learn more about the process!

Week 5 (3/2–3/4)

Stroke Weights, v2
Horizontal shift, v2
Stroke weight + spacing (v3)
My original interpretation of “scale” (L) and my revised version (R).

Week 6 (3/9–3/11)

These were the two color palettes I primarily worked with for the initial color exercises.
Left: a bad example of a “kitchy” photo I had originally chosen. Right: a better (but still imperfect) example of a photo I chose the second time around.
I wound up with two versions of my poster (+images) that I liked best going into my individual meeting with Vicki. The one on the left is the tabloid/print view of V1, and the one on the right is the mobile view of V2.
The original image I wound up cropping and using for the iteration on the top right.

Week 7 (3/16–3/18)

All three of these images involved a child exploring their full imaginative fantasies with the help of goggles, a cap, and some variation of cardboard boxes or self-defined aircraft.
Left: the image with the 8-bit camp, Center: the image of a child in a box, Right: the image of the child pointing to the sky as an imaginary pilot.
My next iterations for the two options I chose to pursue.
To infinity, and beyond!
Left: my restructured version after combining elements from the 8-bit and flying child versions, Right: my final print poster after a few more hours of refinements!
My final mobile iteration! (Sorry for poor quality; had to screenshot it because the original JPG was too large. See the final PDF for details!)

Post-Crit Reflections

It’s crazy to see how far the final version came from Exercise 1!



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